I have struggled over the past few years with my relationship with food: sugar-influenced depression, binge-eating disorder, and overall hatred of how I felt after eating. In the past year, I have totally rediscovered a love for food through eating fresh, seasonal produce and protein. I have never been happier about my relationship with food, and I am ready to start sharing it with the world.

This blog is all about the glories of discovering how good food can be. I am vegetarian, but many of my meals will have options of how to add in meat-based protein. I also sprinkle my food with tidbits about local, organic food options and their importance for the health of our national food system (which is in crisis, by the way). I believe in local food as the solution to so many of our challenges today, and hope that you can too.

I recently graduated from Providence College in Rhode Island, USA, and now live in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts. My seasonally available foods are based on the seasons of the New England area.